Huang Yao Ancient Bonsai Tree


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In the English language, the term bonsai is often used loosely to reference all miniature-scale trees. But bonsai refers specifically to a Japanese art form, ascended from the Chinese art of penjing, more than a thousand years ago. Bonsai, like other forms of art, uses the medium of symbolism to communicate ideas and emotions. All trees are indicative of life and balance on Earth. They require a delicate balance of sunlight and water in order to survive. They are strong and provide the shelter that is needed, and trees are nearly always representative of some type of protection. They are also representative of life, as in the tree of life. Bonsai's are a life source for humans and other plants, but they require their own life source and nutrition in order to continue thriving. In particular, Bonsai tree's play a large role in the symbolism of life. They are in a constant balance and even displays of multiple bonsai trees are generally balanced to represent their harmony. They are also often associated with simplicity and the beauty that simple things can provide, whether in a display setting or in nature. Available as 8 x 11 or 11 x 17 b & w photo or watercolor print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching Fine Art Inkjet Paper and each photograph is personally approved and hand-signed by the artist.

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