smoke on the in the sky ll, hutchinson island, fl 2001


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Hutchinson Island, Florida 2001; These smoky-looking plumes rising from the ocean surface can be seen when still cold air overruns the warm moist air at the sea surface. Because the surface air is so much warmer than the cold air above it, the moisture in the rising warm air quickly condenses into small water droplets (like seeing your breath on a cold day). This phenomenon is often observed in colder climates – for example in the Arctic, Antarctic, and along the coast of Maine. However, when it happens in Florida it is an extremely rare occurrence. Winter is the season when sea smoke is most typically observed in Florida, as cold blasts of polar air masses blow over warm Atlantic waters. The plumes and shapes rising from the water kindled my spirituality. Available as 8 x 11 or 11 x 17 b & w or color photograph on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching Fine Art Inkjet Paper, and each photograph is personally approved and hand-signed by the artist, dr. ralph goldman

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